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What's wrong with false teeth?

my girl friend says false teeth are disgusting, but when I take them out, my tongue is two inches longer. what%26#039;s your opinion

What%26#039;s wrong with false teeth?
Nothing wrong with false teeth, but I can%26#039;t say the same about your girlfriend.
Reply:my opinion is get a new girlfriend who is into *you* not your teeth.
Reply:**** nothin I have a fake tooth..
Reply:work it out with her or just get a new girl frined
Reply:They don%26#039;t tell the truth.
Reply:I don%26#039;t think there%26#039;s anything wrong with false teeth I mean there better then no teeth at all.
Reply:Tell her to never look a gift horse in the mouth. . . nneeeeeeeiiiighhhhh
Reply:Tell her if it bothers her so bad, she knows where the door is!
Reply:wow, two inches longer. baby, keep them teeth out
Reply:Two inches longer! so what is her point. As long as you can chew your food and talk properly with them i see no problem in false teeth. she should watch what she says because one day she may need a pair herself.
Reply:I%26#039;m not into guys at all but I%26#039;m almost tempted to take you up on the offer....

Nahhhh on second thought, I%26#039;ll pass
Reply:My opinion is get a girlfriend who%26#039;s into you, and who isn%26#039;t all about looks.
Reply:I have false teeth myself and there is nothing wrong with them. Is she that perfect of a girl that she don%26#039;t have anything wrong with her, must be nice!!!!!!!
Reply:Grow real teeth or get a new girl friend.
Reply:you have to chosse-which you need
Reply:I dated a guy that used to say the same thing. He had a lower partial that replaced his lower front teeth and when we used to get down he would take them out. I loved him. As long as the teeth fit it doesn%26#039;t bother me.
Reply:Do not take them out in front of people.
Reply:Nothing is wrong with having false teeth.
Reply:There is absolutely nothing wrong with false teeth and I presume that you had no other choice, so you landed with those false teeth. She will just have to accept the fact that you have false teeth, but it may be good ettiquette if you refrain from taking it out and putting it back - in public- some people get turned off at the sight. In the privacy of your home, especially in your bathroom you can do whatever you want with them!!
Reply:well maybe she is a bit freaked out when u take ur teeth when ur doing ur busness down there or wateva take ur teeth out when shes not looking and do wat u gotta do. shes going to have to accept wat u have no matter wat..if she cant do that then maybe ur going to need to find a new gf. i almost had to get fake tooth cuz i nearly knocked my 2 front teeth out when i was 15.
Reply:donno bt i hate tht too
Reply:If she`s that shallow, why be with her, anyway? You can do better!! :) From my heart to yours..............!


George Washington, and his False Teeth, Springy Springy. An Americans Question ??????

I have Heard that The First President had Dodgy False Teeth. They were set on a Spring, to enable them to open easily. the only thing wrong with that was he had to clamp down hard in order to keep them closed. So this was why he always had a Grimace, and never Smiled is this true. Would anybody care to Comment Please ,Thank You very much.

George Washington, and his False Teeth, Springy Springy. An Americans Question ??????
from what i%26#039;ve read, were carved from hippopotamus ivory and elephant ivory. Sometimes the teeth were set in gold. His dentures had gold springs to hold the upper and lower teeth together.
Reply:So that%26#039;s where Terry Pratchett got that idea from!.
Reply:I actually heard his grimace was due to the pain he was in constantly. Thank goodness for our health, the things we take for granted.
Reply:He took very poor care of his teeth. I believe it was John Adams who stated that Washington enjoyed Brazil nuts, which I guess are very tough to chew or bite. It was also true that he was in a lot of pain.
Reply:...thats not what Dr. Baltimore says.
Reply:Yes, it%26#039;s true, this toothless wonder had a set of false teeth made of cow-horn and leather.

Back then it was common for rich folk to have no teeth due to their high sugar diet.

Meanwhile us Common folk had good teeth because we ate no sugar which we could not afford.

Keep sugars out of your diet and you will be okay.
Reply:According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, George Washington%26#039;s false GNASHERS, did NOT contain ANY metal parts, - they WERE, actually made of WOOD!


Will i go for false teeth or not?

2 of the lower jaw molars was dentist told me that i should have false teeth because those upper molars which doesnt have partners at the bottom will extrude and expose their roots in due it true or she just want some money out of me?

Will i go for false teeth or not?
Sounds a little fishy. I%26#039;d get a second opinion.
Reply:She is correct. The teeth will eventually try to fill in the gaps themselves causing spreading and loose teeth
Reply:Yes, when a tooth is unopposed they will usually begin to grow towards the empty space. Their roots my not become exposed as the bone will usually grow down with them, but by hanging down below your other teeth they will begin to cause food impaction and eventually a gum problem. Many a time I%26#039;ve had patients finally decide to do something after the teeth have extruded and then it%26#039;s a MAJOR problem to bring the teeth back into alignment with crowns, as usually a root canal has to be done also. It%26#039;s a lot better to bite the bullet and go with your doctor%26#039;s recommendation. However, your choice is going to be either a partial denture or implants from what I can gather by what you%26#039;ve said. A partial will NOT feel or chew like real teeth and you need to talk this over before you go ahead with treatment.
Reply:When a tooth is extracted it%26#039;s counter starts to %26quot;look%26quot; for something to meet! If you lost a bottom tooth, the top one starts to drop down looking for something to meet. It will keep on dropping down, coming out of it%26#039;s position in the jaw, exposing rooth surface which is very prone to decay, opening gaps between the teeth where food can impact causing decay on the adjacent tooth... Not a good scenerio.

Dentisty, unlike most medical professions, is very mechanical. Top teeth need bottom teeth to hit and bottoms teeth need the top ones.

I don%26#039;t know how old you are, but we recommend for all our patients, both young and old, to replace posterior molars. They help to maintain the vertical dimention of your mouth, (you%26#039;ve seen old people with their faces caved in) and you need molars to chew properly.

Talk to your dentist and if you still double that she is giving you proper treatment, get a second opinion.

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My teeth are really crooked but I'm beyond braces. What should I do? False teeth, bridges?

My back ones are straight, 6 front on top and 7 on bottom are crooked. If I go for false teeth, should I have all pulled at once, or top and bottom separately? Should I only get the crooked ones pulled and then get bridges? What are the pros and cons of false and bridges?

My teeth are really crooked but I%26#039;m beyond braces. What should I do? False teeth, bridges?
My teeth are pretty crooked and I%26#039;m starting Invisalign soon. I don%26#039;t have any real gaps or anything. But, mine might be similar to yours because it%26#039;s really the 6 teeth on the top in the front that need straightening and same for the bottom ones. My back teeth line up pretty well, but really, who cares about your molars?

You%26#039;d be surprised what orthodontists can do these days. No one is beyond hope. And if your teeth are healthy, orthodontists are hesitant to pull those healthy teeth. They always want to do their best to save your actual teeth. Real teeth are much better than man-made ones. If it%26#039;s a question of alignment, there%26#039;s a lot they can do. The biggest pain is the cost. It%26#039;ll be expensive, whatever you decide. I%26#039;m doing Invisalign for $3400.
Reply:go to your dentist and ask about invisalign.
Reply:i%26#039;d recommend a hammer + a chisel... i think you%26#039;ll really enjoy the results
Reply:I had porcelain veneers put on mine, they actually file your real teeth down to little nubs and put the veneers over top, now I have beautiful teeth. Keep your teeth at all cost!
Reply:Why are you %26quot;beyond braces%26quot;? Is it because you think you%26#039;re too old for braces or think your teeth are beyond the help braces might offer? Either way, I%26#039;d suggest you go to an orthodontist and see what they have to say: you might be pleasantly surprised.

It%26#039;s amazing how a beautiful smile is tied up with our image of what an attractive person looks like, so I understand your concern.
Reply:invisalign wont work for really crooked teeth, and you%26#039;re not beyond braces, youll be surprised at how they work. make a free consultation with your local orthodontist and be on your way to a healthy smile and greater confidence.
Reply:I disagree with the other answerer. Invisalign is merely for minor correcting of crowding. If you defiantely dont want to go the braces route, you could think of putting veneers and crowns on all teeth. Bridges are used to replace missing teeth, so sounds like you defiantely dont need that. More of a case of too many teeth! You can crown teeth and put veneers which will reshape the teeth and are aestetically more pleasing. But again let me remind you the cost will be more. Avg case of braces is $4-5000. 13 veneers is going to cost you approx $8-9000...Hope this helps...
Reply:Why are you beyond braces? Unless you have really bad gum disease, you are probably not beyond braces. They do have braces that are almost invisible (Invisaline).

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Why do people put their false teeth in water ?? also the water disapears day by day, are the teeth drinking it

always wondered why theyre put into water, afterall false teeth r just plastic.

Why do people put their false teeth in water ?? also the water disapears day by day, are the teeth drinking it
It%26#039;s actually water with Steradent or similar soak %26#039;n%26#039; clean tablet.
Reply:I assume the water goes down because every time you take them out of the container some water is lifted out as well.
Reply:To keep them clean I guess from pollutants in the air? or bugs in the air.

And the water evaporates away (this does happen under 100C at standard [atmospheric] pressure)
Reply:The mouth is moist, or wet, so storing your teeth in water keeps them in the same medium and state as when they are in your mouth. The water disappearing is the action of evaporation, nothing more.
Reply:If you put your dentures dry into your mouth it can make you heave,and also it keeps your dentures clean.not all are plastic some are metal.the ones that clip on to the ones that you have look after your teeth or you will end up like me with go and brush them.
Reply:if you don%26#039;t put them into water whan you have then out the dentures can become brital. so if you was to eat something it can break them.

and the water should be changed daily, and you should brush them after every meal. billie
Reply:they%26#039;re put into water so that when they%26#039;re removed to go back into the mouth,the moisture on the denture helps to create a better seal . also by soaking them,any old food particles(ewww!) can be removed easier .i am assuming that on each removal from the water,some is lost but that the water is evaporating too.
Reply:to keep them from drying out and becoming distorted. If they let them get dried out they wouldn%26#039;t fit in their mouths properly.
Reply:Old people usually do this, to keep them clean and fresh for the following day use. By the way how old are you? Water do not disappear when dentures are taken out of the container. The volume (water) increases when you put something with it. It goes back to its original volume when you remove the dentures thus it would appear less. The detures can%26#039;t drink. Try experimenting water and ice cubes. Put half a glass of water and drop 6 ice cubes and you will see the volume will increase the water will rise up appearing to be more. remove the ice cubes the water level will go down. Cheers.
Reply:I presume they are put in water to keep them in shape and stops them warping, because in the mouth they are used to being in a moist (saliva based) condition, so by putting them in water replicates to a point that condition. Also I should imagine for cleanliness and hygiene one should change the water daily not put back into the same old water afer all you would be transferring possible germs from the mouth.
Reply:People, especially oldies put false teeth in water to soften sticked food into it so that it can easily be removed.Also so that dust will not stick in the false teeth while its outside the mouth. Lastly to keep it lubricated. Its a joke that false teeth drinks it.Few reasons why water becomes few in the container is because some of it evaporates, little of it is absorbed by the denture and lastly when dentures are taken out, some water goes with it outside.- Lester Santibanez
Reply:because thats what the dentist advises us to do !!! because they can can damaged so keeping them in water helps so they in something soft and not getting bashed about.

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How do you keep edentures(false teeth) clean?

I have a set of edentures(false teeth). Apart from brushing my teeth, how do I keep it clean? For eg, when I want to go to bed I take it off. Should I put it in a solution or what?

How do you keep edentures(false teeth) clean?
With dentures removed, rinse oral tissues at least once daily. At this time, all surfaces of the denture should be thoroughly cleaned. A special denture brush is recommend for this purpose, harsh abrasives and toothpaste should be avoided. During cleaning, the denture is carefully held over a sink half filled with cool water. The denture must not be soaked in either hot water or a strong solution such as undiluted bleach b/c these will damage the denture. As a precaution to minimize damage if the denture is dropped, place a wash cloth at the bottom of the sink. When dentures are not in the mouth, they must be stored in a moist, airtight container to prevent drying and warpage.
Reply:i say put it in some kind of solution
Reply:use Polident. it%26#039;s a denture cleaning tablet. you put your denture in a container with water and drop the tablet in.

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Should I get false teeth for my butt?

since the reversal operation, my butt is my mouth and my mouth is my butt, I fart through my mouth, not a burp, Now I have to eat through my butt and have a BM through my mouth. If I eat through my butt I cannot chew food. Should I get false teeth, is it covered by dental plans and do you know of a Dr. who could fit a pair to my @ss.

Should I get false teeth for my butt?
i don%26#039;t even know where to start...
Reply:You are so stupid. why don%26#039;t you stop with the assinine questions.
Reply:how about shoving u%26#039;re *** up u%26#039;re mouth and shuting up............JACKASS SCHMUCK!!!
Reply:Sure different folks different strokes

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