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Semi Permanant False Teeth?

Does anyone know if it is possible to have your false teeth permanantly or semi permanatly fixed, i am sure i read something about it ages ago where they screw the plates to your mouth but not sure. The pastes etc are awful and don%26#039;t do a good job really. Ay tips on securing false nashers also appreciated. I lost mine in a bike accident two years ago (34 years of age). Thanks everyone

Semi Permanant False Teeth?
Hello, I had an accident and lost a few teeth, had an op to correct the jaw etc... (28years old), I am in the process of having what is called a steel plate made that clips onto another tooth or onto the back teeth, there will be nothing against your palate as with the plastic plate. The NHS do this too... You just need to go chat to your dentist.
Reply:I think when they do crowns (maybe) they kinda put in screw into your jaw bone and fix the new tooth that way, so maybe they could do that with your whole mouth? It would be painful and expensive though I would think!
Reply:Yes today they can Screw false teeth into your gums but it is the most expensive false teeth option !
Reply:Yes, absolutely. If you go to Google search and type in implant dentures it will come up with many sites that will give you detailed information and answer all the questions you might have. You will need to shop around for the best price. I am in the process of saving up for mine at the moment. Can%26#039;t eat at all with dentures in. It%26#039;s awful. Good luck.

Here%26#039;s a couple to get you started

add where you live to your search and you will be able to find a convenient dental centre.
Reply:I think you must have read about either a bridge or implants. A bridge is for if you have a gap between existing teeth where the dentist makes crown and cements them in by attaching them to the teeth either side. Implants are when the dentist drills into the jaw bone and attaches a false tooth that way. I believe Sharon Osbourne has these. You would have to pay privately for these treatments though and the implants aren%26#039;t suitable for everyone and can take several months. If you just want to fix your denture in use a fixative from the chemist.
Reply:You can get implants. They are %26quot;drilled%26quot; into the jaw. Given time to heal usually around 6-8 wks then abutments(posts) are placed on the implants and the connecters are placed into the denture and they snap on to the abutments and hold the denture in without adhisive and they work great. It costs about 1900 for one implant and then around 400-500 for the abutments and snaps in the dentures. you need as little as 2-4 on the bottom and 4-6 onthe top. But it%26#039;s worth is if you%26#039;re only 36 years old you%26#039;re got 40 more years of life left to live and you want to have the best life and the best teeth you can. Good Luck Find a good oral surgen or talk to you general dentist and see what he/she would recommend for you to do;
Reply:yes. they can be permanently replaced with implants. these work the best. but costly

there are other possible alternatives (semi-permanent). for example mini implants. these are similar to implants. they are cheaper and less surgery is involved. however, they dont last as long.

ask your dentist.

btw i am a dentist
Reply:yes they are called implants and will cost you a small fortune ie £1000.00 upwards for each one
Reply:Implants are a permanent solution to false teeth. Depending on you level of bone around the jaw will depend on whether or not this is the right option for you. Your dentist will be able to refer you to a specialist to check. This option is very costly and involves placing titanium screws into the jaw bone and allowing to heal for approx 6 months, temporary teeth (crowns) will be placed onto these screws until you are ready to have the permanent teeth placed. You cannot remove these teeth at all. Usual cost is bewteen £2-£2.5k per tooth. The only other way to replace these teeth is by a denture which is what you have now. If they are very loose you may need to have them relined by you dentist as your gums may have shrunk.

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